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About Audible Elegance

Now approaching 4 decades of experience, Audible Elegance has carefully selected the best audio, video, furniture and accessories for your consideration. So what does this mean for you?  Unmatched knowledge and advice from our team serving the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana region. Please enjoy the product model listings under our brands section of the page. Some items may be directly purchased from our product listings. Others are available for purchase in the Cincinnati based showroom store in historic downtown Montgomery, Ohio.


Music Systems

The most overused and misunderstood expression, is High End. To many, this simply means expensive. While we certainly think it is wonderful that an owner has pride in ownership, it is more important to us that the system faithfully plays music. This is where Audible Elegance takes a step away from the typical "high end" approach and actively tries to make sense of it all before you even see it at our store. It's not about how much it costs, it's about what it does.

We look at music products for what they are supposed to do: Play music in a way that doesn't make a great group or performer sound like a wedding reception. The fundamentals of music, rhythm, pitch, and emotion must be faithfully reproduced. This is the core difference between performers and performances. What Audible Elegance does for you, is to evaluate the product for its performance and compare it to other products available on the market. That is the concept of value in a world of competition. If it sells for more money, it better deliver.

Home Theater

We don't sell dream systems. We sell systems that give you dreams.

We don't think anyone dreams about having a home theater system. We do know that there are people who want the complete movie experience.


Sound is critical to a good theater system.  A great movie does not make a home theater great. Tomlinson Holman, one of the leaders in home theater development clearly understood when he said "A home theater must play music extraordinarily well." As Cincinnati's longest running high-end audio store, we understand this obligation. A home theater is more than simple "thump therapy".

Millions of dollars are spent recording sounds and artists to be used in the sound track of movies. Care must be taken to understand the needs of the customer and to balance that with the needs of an Audible Elegance system.

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