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RIP Midnyte Milky Way - March 2024

What many people don't know about my wife, Debbie, is that she has several miniature horses that have been used in therapy for autistic or handicapped children and others. 

Milky Way was exceptional at pulling a cart and he loved doing so.  With Debbie's medical challenges, this had become more difficult as there is a lot of work tacking up a horse to draw a cart or wagon.  Both Debbie and Milky Way loved to give to others and they did so many times.  It will be difficult to look into the pasture and not see his face. 

Born 4/26/1996, Milky Way was Deb's first ever horse and was the one to make her dream of owning horses a reality. (But really, they own us!) She bought Milky Way when he was a couple of months old, so they “grew” up together. I reckon they taught each other!

They showed for a couple of years, and even went to Nationals! Milky Way introduced her to some amazing horsey friends. Life happened, and they stopped showing. But she would still use Milk to teach others to drive. He was a good and patient teacher for this task. He taught the art of gentle hands and soft voice.

Milky Way was Nyte’s general from day one. Nyte is another miniature of ours. Wherever Nyte went, Milk would be found to be at his right shoulder. As Nyte has aged, Milky Way would be the one to keep him safe from everyone else. Milky Way took this job seriously. Nyte will be lost without his best friend.

Milky Way loved to go for drives! And he loved to go FAST! Driving will never be quite the same again. Run fast and free, Milk! You will be sorely missed here by us all! -Lou

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